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We identify and help you fix vulnerabilities in your web applications before cyber-criminals find and exploit them.

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Web application penetration testing

Over the past few years, web applications have become one of the most critical aspects of an organisation's security posture. Web application vulnerabilities were directly involved in an outstanding number of breaches where millions of credit cards have been stolen, the reputations of major brands have been damaged and substantial financial losses occurred.

As the threat landscape for web application changes on a very dynamic basis, attackers wishing to attack your organisation know that they need to stay ahead of the curve in order to get in. Five Security provides a comprehensive web application penetration testing service to help you find security holes in your web applications before they can use them.

Web application penetration testing (dynamic analysis)

This service often called “black-box” testing, identifies weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your running web applications before attackers find and exploit them. We use various tools and methods to probe your web application, for example by supplying malformed and malicious data to all fields, forms and all other inputs of your application.

We methodically test all common web application vulnerabilities such as possibilities of cross-site scripting flaws (XSS), SQL injections and all other OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities.

Testing your application while it is running allows us to detect runtime flaws such as those that relate to all components and librairies in use along with the specific underlying platform implementation

"Grey-box" testing

We also offer to conduct testing in "Grey-box" mode during which our testers have some limited knowledge of your application, such as access with a username with low privileges in order to test any possibility of elevating privileges and the exploitation of vulnerabilities while being authenticated by the application.

"White-box" testing

Finally we also offer "white box" tests whereby our testers have access to the internal structure and documentation of the application, please check our security code review service for your web applications.

How can Five Security help?

Our web application penetration testing also evaluates your application and the integration between the various components that your application is based on, such as third-party libraries, database components and any other software in use. Web application penetration techniques are particularly useful on live applications as they focus on areas of increased risk and exploitability of identified vulnerabilities. They can also serve as an important vector to help developers and system administrators to understand how vulnerabilities are created, how to avoid eliminate them.

If you would like more information regarding our web application penetration testing service, please contact us to discuss your requirements with our testing team.