Vulnerability Scanning

Be alerted as soon as new vulnerabilities are identified within your network and get guidance on how to keep your risk levels under control.

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Automated vulnerability detection

Regular automated scans are a simple and straightforward way to identify vulnerabilities in your systems, allowing to apply patches or counter-measures before a breach materialise through exploitation of those vulnerabilities.

With a vulnerability scan, you get a cost effective level of assurance that no obvious vulnerabilities have been left on your systems, whether because of some legacy software, a missing critical patch or through insecure configuration.

External vulnerability scans

External vulnerability scans are one of the most important and easiest ways to establish a quick mapping of vulnerabilities for your internet-facing systems.
Furthermore, the Qualys ASV service that we provide allows you to meet your PCI DSS obligations while benefiting from our dedicated expert support on the entire scanning process.

Internal vulnerability scans

Internal vulnerability scans are a powerful and cost effective tool to detect where security patches may have been forgotten or what internal IT component may open a significant risk to your business.
Authenticated scans from within your internal network are designed to give you an efficient way to find out where vulnerabilities reside on your systems and monitor your patching process.

Top reasons to choose Five Security

We use the best solution on the market

Our service is built upon the Qualys offering which we compliment with legendary support from our team, so you can rest assured that someone will always be available to help you manage those false positives and any other query you may have about your results. Your scan results and recommendations are assign a risk ranking based on criticality and we provide both an executive summary and a technically-detailed report in order to satisfy business executives as well as technical administrators.

You get an executive summary and a technical report

We provide a high level summary of your results if you want to get a quick overview of the issues to resolve. But we also provide your team with a detailed technical report including guidance on remediation for all issues encountered.

We offer legendary support

We provide unparalleled support to our customers. Your designated consultant will help you interpret your scan results and provide any additional necessary guidance. He will help identifying any inconsistencies in your environment and assist you with requests including for example false positive submissions.

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