Virtual ISO

Get the expertise of an experienced Information Security Officer without the costs of hiring a full-time employee.

Hire Team Five

Your on-demand Information Security Officer

Our Virtual CISO service is designed to complement your organisation's information security function with our expertise. It is a great option for organisations that do not need or cannot afford a full-time employee at the CISO level internally.

Outsourcing the CISO role allows you to focus on your core business whilst benefiting from Five Security's experience and proven methodologies to achieve your information security objectives.

Our service is tailored to your needs and can start with just a few hours of guidance per month at a fraction of the costs of hiring a full time employee.

How can Five Security help?

Your Five Security Virtual ISO will be available to your organisation to help with your information security challenges.

This typically includes providing independent guidance on how to address security requirements, assisting with identifying priorities for security activities based on a solid risk assessment methodology, delivering vulnerability assessments and evaluating security products and technologies.

Find out how our Virtual CISO service can complement your information security function by contacting us today and discuss your requirements.