Security Awareness Training

Raise security awareness amongst employees and explain their roles and responsibilities using a structured information security training programme.

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Preparation through education

At Five Security we believe that the human factor still represents one of the most important ways to get unauthorised access to an organisation's systems and data. Raising security awareness amongst employees is to be considered a critical aspect of any serious security action plan.

As organisations tend to focus their security initiatives toward implementing technical security controls such as a properly configured firewall or solid encryption systems, attackers tend to look for the easiest ways to get unauthorised access to your systems and data.

Often, those easy ways simply include asking for credentials to your employees, either very directly or by manipulating them into providing elements of a path to the attacker's target.

Security awareness training is a key element of your organisation's security programme that allows your employees to know how to react when they are faced with security events that require prompt attention and a decisive reaction.

How can Five Security help?

We have courses and training materials designed to educate your employees about their roles and responsibilities when it comes to protecting your organisation's data assets.

We help you develop a security training programme that includes key information to be provided for new hires, annually or during periodic and ongoing training sessions.

We can also help your organisation with compliance requirements such as those in PCI DSS that are specific to security awareness training.