Penetration Testing

Find out where hackers can hit your business and how to close the security holes.

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We simulate an attack to identify weaknesses in your network.

With an external penetration test, you get a chance to evaluate if security controls work efficiently to prevent attackers from gaining unauthorised access to your systems. The opportunistic nature of many attacks on networks nowadays shows that your organisation may become a target simply because it runs a particular technology, configuration setting or application.

The external test allows to identify weaknesses in defenses but more importantly, it evaluates the impact of those weaknesses to your organisation before real attackers do it. We perform testing in a highly controlled manner... which means that we do not use any techniques that may disrupt your business.

External penetration test

Your organisation is targeted from anywhere on the Internet. The objective is to find out how an attacker from anywhere in the world could leverage publicly available systems from your organisation to gain unauthorised access and evade your security controls.

Internal penetration test

This test simulates an attack that starts from a point within the internal network in order to evaluate the risk associated with internal threats.

Web application penetration testing

This type of penetration test is specifically focused on attempting to gain information and identify weaknesses in applications using both dynamic and static application security testing.

Wireless network security testing

As wireless technologies are prone to numerous vulnerabilities that have historically been used by malicious individuals to circumvent the traditional boundaries of internal networks. Your organisation can leverage our expertise to identify potential weak areas of your network architecture whether by performing a penetration test or architecture design reviews.

Social engineering

Social engineering techniques are used in order to identify the level of vigilance and security awareness of your personnel. We use a wide range of practices in order to gain unauthorised access to information and systems. This includes sending spoofed emails, using USB devices and cold calling your offices.

We deliver world-class penetration testing services that comply with PCI DSS, the OSSTMM and the OWASP guide.

Top reasons to get Five Security to do the hard work

We provide a wealth of experience

All Five Security experts are senior professionals holding the best worldwide recognised security certifications including CISSP, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CEH, QSA and PA-QSA. We have been performing security tests since that time where "SQL Injection" did not yet have a name and there was no automated tool to do the job at all. Our experience allows you to focus on real business risks as opposed to theoretical ones.

You get outstanding support services

We provide unparalleled support to our customers. This includes a response to all questions within 24h and direct access to your lead consultant for those situations where you cannot wait for a answer.

We deliver great reports

We provide clear deliverables tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Our recommendations are focused on real-world risks identified to your business and provide detailed steps on how to fix issues and secure your environment.

You only pay for what you need

In most cases, it is straightforward for your consultant to verify that a vulnerability has been fixed or remediated. Five Security will not charge you to perform this quick verification if you fix the issues shortly after your initial penetration test.