Code Reviews

Ensure that flaws are not present within your application's source code and attack one of the root causes of breaches at its core.

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See vulnerabilities at the source

Applications developers tend to be under tremendous pressure to produce the code that supports your application in a fast and efficient manner. This code goes through functionality testing to ensure that it does exactly what it has been developed for, however applications can sometimes also behave unexpectedly, particularly when security has not been properly included within the software development lifecycle. Attackers often use those unexpected behaviours as vulnerabilities to leverage access to higher privileges on your systems.

Secure code review (static analysis)

We perform a review of all aspects of your applications by examining the source code. We use a mix of commercial tools (Fortify, IBM AppScan...) and manual methods to identify coding vulnerabilities and defects.

We deliver a report that details all findings along with our recommendations on how to address them. You get an opportunity to eliminate vulnerabilities during the development phase of the application lifecycle.

Secure code reviews help identify areas of your development processes that need attention and provide valuable recommendations to your developers.

How can Five Security help?

Five Security can review your application code from a different standpoint than your developers. As we are independent, we can provide an objective view on the security level achieved with your coding practices and deliver recommendations when necessary.

Our specialists are experienced coders themselves and will focus on specific practices that generally lead to vulnerabilities in applications.

Furthermore, by engaging a dialogue with your developers, Five Security will help them gain a clear view on the application's code security strengths and weaknesses.