Five Security protects your business
by helping you secure your networks.

Our story

Five Security is one of Europe’s top level information security consultancies, providing a range of IT security advisory services for online businesses and security-conscious organisations throughout Europe.

Five Security was founded in 2014 by business security specialist Laurent Benameur-Sauvaire from Marseille, France.

We have seen a rise in the need for independent, unbiased and competitive advisory services that really help businesses in a market that is now largely driven by sophisticated cyber attacks, incident response, compliance standards and emerging technology demands such as mobile and cloud security.

Five Security is primarily a team of highly experienced consultants holding the most prestigious data security certifications.

We strive to establish a strong reputation amongst the industry and our customers for our expertise, industry knowledge, innovative approaches and dedication to excellent customer service. We deliver holistic, compelling and market leading consulting services to protect your business against cyber threats and help you address the complexity of new technological risks.

Our head office is in Dublin and we are also present in London and Paris. We are currently expanding both our portfolio of services and the regions where we operate.